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muggle_studies's Journal

Muggle Studies for Fifth-Years
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This community is the home of the fifth-year Muggle Studies students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The maintainer of the journal is me, Professor Willis. The Internet Project was given to the fifth-years in my class to help them better understand the concept of computers and the world wide web, because it may very well be the future of the muggle world. So if you're in the class, or if you have spoken with me and we have arranged an out-of-class internet study, go ahead and set up your journal. Then, let me know your username, and I'll add you to the community. Have fun!

((OOC: Before you decide to join this Harry Potter role-playing community, I strongly recommend you visit its website (http://www.geocities.com/julianne_willis/mugglestudies.html), so I don't have to repeat all of that here. In summary, this role play finds the Hogwarts students in the second semester of Harry's fifth year, and this journal business is part of a project designed by the Muggle Studies Professor, Professor Willis, to help her students understand the muggle internet.

The OOC community for this Muggle Studies class is mugglesooc.

I'm very strict with the characters. I won't accept any original characters. Sorry. The characters I have are:

Julianne Willis julianne_willis
Hermione Granger hermgranger
Lavender Brown lavebella
Draco Malfoy sinfullyblonde
Ron Weasley i_hate_maroon
Harry Potter behindgreeneyes
Blaise Zabini _blaise_
Pansy Parkinson ms_high_society
Ginny Weasley fiery_redhead
Cho Chang witchy_cho
Parvati Patil only1parvati
Tracey Davis littlemissbrat
Angelina Johnson chasin_angie
Neville Longbottom toadflax
Hannah Abbott hannah_abb

The characters we still need include:
Seamus Finnigan
Dean Thomas
Colin Creevey
Lee Jordan
George Weasley
Fred Weasley
Alicia Spinnet
Katie Bell
Vincent Crabbe
Gregory Goyle
Milicent Bulstrode
Terry Boot
Padma Patil
Penelope Clearwater
Susan Bones
Eloise Midgen
Justin Finch-Fletchley
Ernie MacMillan

Not all of these characters need to be filled, and, if there are any other characters that COME FROM J. K. ROWLING that you think ought to be included, by all means, let me know. In order to join the community and take on the role of one of these characters you must first have a journal for the character with a LJ picture of the character. The name of the character should be implied by the username or else included as part of the picture. I can provide a few LJ codes, if you are really, really nice to me and I decide I like you a lot. You MUST UPDATE YOUR PERSONAL JOURNAL AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. If you do not, I will hate you and kick you out of the community. You may also post in the main, community journal if you have things to say that EVERYONE must hear. However, that journal is generally going to be used for updates by Professor Willis, a.k.a. me. Before making a username for your character, I recommend you email me with a sample entry. You see, if you suck at writing/role-playing, I don't want you in the community. And it will suck for you if you make a username and then I tell you that you can't be in the community. Once I've told you you're good enough, get a username and email me with it. Then I'll add you to the community. Along with a livejournal, you also must have an AIM name for your character. The sn, again, should include your character's name. You really ought to go on at least once a week and chat with your fellow students. Lastly, you need an email address for your character. You can use your regular email address if you really want, but that could get confusing for you.

And be realistic. In your posts you should say where you are posting from (which computer), and if its 11:00 at night, you probably don't want to be on AIM talking to someone else in your house...because obviously you're both in the common room and could be having a normal conversation. Unless you decide you're THAT into the internet. And in that case, by all means, proceed.

So, if you're interested, get in touch with me by email (mugglestudies5@yahoo.co.uk), and I'll tell you anything else you need to know (for example, how to make OOC posts. I have no idea what OOC stands for, btw. So don't ask).

Oh and please, no porn. I'm all for Harry/Draco if something develops, but please, get into your character enough to know not to post intimate sex descriptions on your personal journal because both Professor Willis and Professor Dumbledore have access to it. And we're starting 5 months after book 4 ended. So Cedric is dead. And I doubt any DRASTIC changes have taken place. So, if you want to make Harry and Draco a thing, make it believable.

I realize I'm coming off as sort of anal, but I've been trying to find myself a good RPG to join for a while before I decided to make one myself, and there are SO MANY that have gone wrong for SO MANY different reasons.

Most importantly, be into it. Be dedicated. It can be so much fun, if you give your all. So yeah, do that. Email me. Join. It's beautiful.))