Ginny Weasley (fiery_redhead) wrote in muggle_studies,
Ginny Weasley

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private owl

gred and forge,

oh, i didn't expect that owl i got from you! i guess you two aren't that bad, eh? :D

thanks for all the concern. :) *hugs* i really hope you get to find out what happened to colin. sorry for replying just now. i was so busy with schoolwork and worrying over colin. he's recuperating now, and is physically well.

oh, big bros, don't make pranks on dennis now, okay? he was really upset over his brother. :) save the pranks when colin is fine in all aspects--not just physically, but emotionally as well. i still think something bad happened.

anyway do you have to remind me of percy's singing underwear? i'm laughing like crazy now despite my worries. :D

*hugs* you are two of my six most favourite brothers! :D


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