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dream a little dream of me

It was like the ones I had at the beginning of fourth year, only worse, because now he's stronger, ready to make his bid for power.

It started in the Forbidden Forest, around dusk. The fog was starting to settle in around the base of the trees, and strange things moved about in the dead leaves. I was something - not human, something slithery and low to the ground. I think I was Voldemort's snake, Nagini. She was stalking someone, a human boy by his smell. He was nearby...and then she spotted him, and it confirmed what I knew all along. It was Colin.

Nagini sped towards him, and he saw her in time to start running. I cheered him silently, and knew where he was going.

He must have been talking to Neville or doing extra work in Herbology because he found that knot in about half a second and slid through just before Nagini could catch him in her coils.

I lost track of everything for a minute, but soon found myself human again, waking in my bed in the dungeons knowing what to do. The person I was in may have been male or female. I really couldn't tell.

The Slytherin knew where the teachers, prefects and Filch were without the aid of the Marauder's Map, and he also knew where the secret passage to Hogsmeade was. He slipped through without a problem and wandered through the silent streets of the town until he reached the Shrieking Shack.

He found Colin at the bottom of the tunnel, trying to get the door back to the forest to open again. Guess he thought Nagini would be long gone?

It was too easy for the Slytherin to put the Cruciatus Curse on poor Colin, but he didn't seem very good at controlling it because Colin passed out very quickly. The Slytherin looked at the wand in his hand, and delightedly snapped it in half.

It must have been Ginny's.

I can still hear Colin's screams.

Then I heard Voldemort's voice, in the Slytherin's head. "Well done, my servant. You proved your loyalty well tonight."

I woke up. I thought I must have screamed, but everyone was still asleep, so I guess I didn't.

Just as well, really.

I must go downstairs and owl Dumbledore before I sick up all over the computer.
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